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Professor Filip Matos

Rank: Black Belt 2nd degree
under Bibiano Fernandez
Years Training: 21
Jiu Jitsu Philosophy: Jiu Jitsu put me on a better path and opened up a world of opportunities.
Favorite Move: Wrist Lock

Professor Filip Matos
Black Belt

Professor Stefan Indic

Years Training Jiu Jitsu: 8 years.
Jiu Jitsu Philosophy: Jiu Jitsu is "active meditation grounded in reality" - the interplay between intense focus, physicality and humility. The result: peace within yourself.
Favourite Technique: Open Guard, Triangles and Arm Bars.

Professor Stefan Indic
Black Belt

Coach Gui Rocha

Coach Gui Rocha
Brown Belt

Jon Chan

Years Training Jiu Jitsu: ~4 years.
Jiu Jitsu Philosophy: Jiu Jitsu is perpetual self-improvement tempered by the realization that the finish line sits just past the horizon. The more skillful you become, the more skill you realize there is to learn.
Favourite Technique: Inside heel hook from outside sankaku

Coach Jon Chan
Purple Belt

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