Frequently Asked Questions
What should I wear to my first class if I sign up?
During your trial class period you can wear comfortable workout clothes and a uniform will be provided for you if required for the class chosen. We have a variety of sizes and they are laundered daily. As a member of our BJJ program a uniform will be required which you can purchase yourself online or at our academy. Talk to the instructor regarding sizing and different uniform options.
Are classes only for competitive BJJ?
Not at all. We have a great community of both competitive and hobbyist practitioners from all age group and walks of life.
How often should I come to class?
Consistency is the key to success in BJJ. Everyone has different goals, schedules and learn at different speeds each of which dictates the amount of classes they can attend per week. However many times you can make it to class per week... the key is to be consistent.
Do you have women that train?
While our adult program is currently mostly men, we do many women who train as well. In our kids programs the numbers are split about 50/50. Everyone's focus is on learning, supporting one another and having a great time. Gender isn't really an issue.
I already have a Gi. Will I have to purchase a new one when I join your academy?
No, We have have an open GI policy; all brands and colors are welcome. However, consider our New Members start up offer which includes members first months dues and a new uniform for $199. That is a great savings as many uniforms can cost a minimum of $190 alone. You will be required to wear a white Gi for all academy photos, ceremonies and presentations .
What is the cost?
There is a wide range of membership types and contract lengths available, all with their own pricing. Please contact our member services team at info@rjja.ca or 604-988-8819 to find out what the best membership and pricing is for you. ** Special discounts offered for first responders.
What is the class environment like?
We have a great family environment off the mats and on the mats you will find supportive and helpful world class instructors. Our goal is to create a real sense of community and camaraderie while helping our students become the best they can be.
Do you have a shower/changing area?
At this time we are unable to offer shower/changeroom facilities due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will be able to offer these facilities once restrictions lift.
Can I bring a friend?
Yes! We just ask that you let us know beforehand so we can make the necessary arrangements for you both.
Are parents able to stay and watch?
Yes, as parents ourselves we understand that you want to ensure your child is training is the safest environment possible. We do provide limited seating for viewing. We do ask that you keep the reception area clear, do not sit “mat-side” and refrain from “coaching” your child during class. We also ask that, if you have questions or concerns, you speak with the instructor after class in order to reduce the amount of interruptions to your childs experience.

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