New location, new policies, same ROLL.


We understand that for some of you it’s hard to decide whether or not to train in the current environment. Especially so when trying to strike a balance between your own needs and those around you.

We are working hard to make sure the needs of our members are met while adhering to the guidelines set out by the public health office. Below we outline some of the steps we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our staff and members.

Below is a list of our current protocols we have put in place to protect our students. If you are coming to train with us, it’s important you have read and understand these protocols.

Partners for class

Members will only be partnered up with same household or core bubble partners as per the current Provincial Health Office mandate and in coordination with ViaSportBC’s recommendations and sport specific guidelines.

Youth group classes are in session following viaSport Phase 2 guidelines.

Adult group classes are suspended until further notice.

Please contact us directly with inquiries regarding private or semi-private lessons.

Booking Classes

As we have limited occupancy for each class, members will be limited to advanced booking of 3 training sessions per week to allow the opportunity for everyone to train. Members must book their classes in advance through our Zen Planner App. All students attending classes MUST have their spot reserved. Failure to reserve in advance may result in a student being turned away if class maximum or building occupancy has been reached.

Cancelling Classes

If your group is unable to attend the class, it is important to cancel your reservation so that others may book the mat space.

Before Class Starts

Please only arrive 5 minutes prior to your class and wait at the entrance to be invited in. Members must arrive in uniform with their own water bottle. Health assessments questions will be asked, temperatures will be taken and hands sanitized before taking your assigned physically distanced space on the mats. We reserve the right to ask anyone exhibiting any symptoms of illness to leave the mat space and the building.

Building Occupancy Limits

We are required to observe a very limited building occupancy of 20 people. This is inclusive of students, instructors staff, tradespeople and spectators. We are not able to guarantee parents will be able to enter the facility and therefor request that you plan accordingly.

Physical Distancing

Members must maintain a 2 meter distance from other groups and coaches during classes.

Change Rooms Off Limits

The change rooms and back training area are off limit during this stage of reopening. The washrooms are only available for urgent situations.

After Class Ends

Members will be directed to exit the academy by the instructor, and only one group at a time. Members must maintain a 2 meter distance from other groups at all times.


Following each class the facility is fully disinfected and sanitized in preparation for the following class. Classes will be 45 mins to allow for safe flow of students and proper cleaning.

Physically Distanced Mat Spaces

Each dedicated pod/cohort will be assigned a physically distanced mat space for each class. Members must stay within their designated training area for the duration of the class. Members will not be permitted to roll outside of or exit their training space during class.

Promotions and Events

While we will still be tracking promotion eligibility we will be limiting promotions to those already overdue due to the closure. If you are due for a promotion there is no need to remind us, we will let you know when it is time to award it. All events are postponed until further notice in order to ensure the occupancy limit is met.

Thank you from the team at Roll Academy!

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