Roll Jiu Jitsu Academy After School Care

As parents ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be to coordinate after school pick up, drop off to after school activities and your own work schedule. We created this program to help parents navigate pick up and drop off at Roll Jiu Jitsu Academy.

We will pick up your child at school at 3pm in our pick up van, bring them to Roll Jiu Jitsu Academy where they will have snacks, do their homework and take Brazilian jiu-jitsu class. Parents will pick up their child/children at the end of their class time.


  • Help parents juggle their responsibilities & time demands
  • Build self-discipline, self-confidence & respect in your child’s life
  • Help children learn to listen, focus & commit themselves to their education
  • Prevent bullying & learn how to safely deal with the possibility
  • Encourage a healthy & active lifestyle


  • Pickup of child from a local North Vancouver School
  • Child minding between pickup & the start of class
  • Fundamental & Advanced techniques & exercises
  • Competition & situational martial arts training
  • Life lessons of how to approach & overcome challenges & build self discipline

For Ages 5-12 years

This program offers pick up from 3-5 days per week and kids can attend classes even on days they are not pickled up.

We do not offer all day care on Pro-D days.

Please contact us for pricing.

Phone (604)988-8819

email info@rjja.ca

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